Pets at weddings

A little bit of advice and a romantic solution!


Our pets are part of the family, and leaving them out your big day seems a bit mean. We’ve been reading some surprising statistics, and really cute stories, about couples including their pets at their wedding. But the one message that comes across loud and clear is that having pets at a wedding can be just as tricky as those spirited toddlers! At the end of this piece we’d like to offer a solution that’s both romantic and enduring. But first a word or two of caution!

Dogs, it seems, take to being part of the wedding party most readily. They love being in the limelight in their role as ring-bearer, usher, flower doggie or even Pet of Honour! But they do get bored and over-excited easily, and you’ll almost certainly need a doggie-sitter on hand to help them cope with the pressure and excitement.

Cats, on the other hand, have a mind of their own and if they’re not impressed with the venue, guests, celebrant or choice of food you’ll soon know about it! At the very best they might tolerate making a very special guest appearance, but they’ll soon want to be back at home foraging under the hedge or keeping the duvet warm for when you return.

And we can see one or two problems with other furry friends like bunnies and hamsters, feathery friends like ducks and hens, woolly friends, equine friends and – dare we say – those slippery little darlings like snakes and lizards!


One solution is to have your photographer set up a special mini photoshoot and put your pet in the spotlight for a brief while in familiar territory. But does your schedule for the day allow enough time for the legendary problems that can occur when working with children and animals!

Our solution at Crystal Heirlooms is simpler and more enduring! Why not include little jewels that represent your pet in your wedding headdress? Then you’ll have them very close all day long, while they’re lounging around at home, completely unstressed and wondering what all the fuss has been about for the last 18 months!

When our designer, Jean, got married in Sicily her three cats had to stay behind, albeit in a Five Star cat hotel. But amongst all the other special iconic pieces she built into her own headpiece (including the pearls that her Mum wore on her own wedding day) were little vintage marcasite cats representing the furry trio of Harley, Morris and Flora. “The nicest thing” she said “is that when I’m old my unique headdress will remind me of my feline kiddies and the fact that they were at our special day in spirit.”

Jean's wedding headdress with a little marcasite cat and a blue crystal helicopter
Jean’s wedding headdress with a little marcasite cat and a blue crystal helicopter

So – let’s recap on some of those statistics! Whilst 1 in 5 of you pet owners are thinking of taking them to your wedding, the vast majority of close relatives will try and talk you out of it, and around 20% of you will argue with your fiance about it! With probably more than enough to think about already, you then need to consider what they’re going to wear, who will pet-sit for you, will they get fed too much chocolate cake, and will they ever forgive you when it’s all over?

If you’ve set your heart on sharing your special day with your pet then we genuinely wish you good luck! But if you like the idea of taking your pet in your hair accessory instead then give us a call or drop us a line to We’ll be able to create a bespoke headpiece to match your wedding dress, style and theme and then incorporate tiny iconic pieces to represent your pets, either chosen by you or sourced by us for you.

Detail from Jean's wedding headdress
Detail from Jean’s wedding headdress
Detail from a headdress made for a safari wedding with tiny a little marcasite lion and antelope
Detail from a headdress made for a safari wedding with tiny a little marcasite lion and antelope
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