‘Marjoram’ white floral hair vine

Marjoram is an incredibly versatile floral hair vine that can be worn in many ways, creating a delicate, dainty and feminine decoration for almost any style of hair.

This wispy piece was designed around a collection of never-used little cotton lace daisies dating from the 1920s. In the centre of the comb is a large flower that has been hand crafted with Swarovski pearls and crystals. Radiating from this are four flowing tendrils with lace flowers and little flowers made from crystals and pearls. The centres of the lacy flowers are decorated with a twinkling Swarovski crystal.

The end of each tendril has a little wire loop for securing with bobbie pins. This means that once the comb part of the vine has been secured in place, the tendrils can be shaped around the hair to create exactly the right look.

The comb is 6 cm wide, and the whole vine is 26 cm at its longest point.

This piece has been sold but we have more of the lace daisies and can a make similar bespoke piece for you, perhaps incorporating a touch of colour with the crystals and pearls. Please contact us with your design ideas or visit our Bespoke Designs page. The price guide shown could vary depending on the vintage items used.


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