Original vintage accessories

This unique collection includes antique and vintage pieces that have been restored and repurposed in our studio to make them easy to wear. It includes Edwardian tiaras and combs, hair pins with original dress decorations and brooches, and clusters of hair jewels crafted from repurposed Art Deco bracelets. Our capelets are beautifully restored antique lace collars with Edwardian and Art Deco clasps, and sometimes we add floaty ostrich feathers for that final touch of elegance.

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Vintage cufflinks

stylish and debonnair

One-of-a-kind headdresses

beautifully hand crafted

Vintage jewellery

unashamedly luxurious

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We’re always seeking out new antique and vintage treasures to restore and repurpose, so if you’re searching for something special please let us know – we may have exactly what you have in mind.