‘Soft Brome’ feathery headdress with vintage crystals

Feathery hair accessories have been loved throughout the centuries in many guises and for every style. Floaty, fun and just a little bit frivolous, they make a unique statement for almost any occasion!

Soft Brome features a vintage domed jewel of claw-set aurora borealis crystals and faux pearls, typical of the style of the mid 1950s. The crystals sparkle in the light in shades of gold, blue and lilac. The band is covered from end to end with new ivory Swarovski pearls and aurora borealis crystals, and finally we’ve added a spray of soft and wispy cream ostrich and stripped coque feathers that drift down from the jewel.

The vintage jewel is 4 cm in diameter and the feathers are approximately 18 cm long. The band is wrapped with ivory satin ribbon.


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