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About Crystal Heirlooms

Crystal Heirlooms is a rural cottage industry on the borders of Surrey, Sussex and Kent run by neighbours and friends, Jean and Fran. Jean individually designs and hand crafts all of our one-of-a-kind headdresses and works with you to create your bespoke headdress. Fran looks after everything involved in bringing you details of our constantly-changing collections and ensuring you enjoy the whole experience of buying your wedding headdress, jewellery and accessories from us.

After weeks of searching for the perfect bridal headdress for her own wedding, Jean decided to make it herself from family heirloom jewellery. The inspiration for Crystal Heirlooms soon followed and our first collection was launched in June 2012.

Jean said: "There is something unashamedly glamorous about vintage jewellery - the quality of the stones, the way the pieces were made, the designs, the sheer indulgence. And then you have the inevitable ageing of the pieces, which reminds you that you are holding a little piece of history in your hands. I often find myself asking 'Who wore this in the past? What was she like? How did she live?'

"I have always loved all things vintage, especially jewellery, and Crystal Heirlooms has given me the opportunity to share this passion by creating a collection of headdresses for every occasion, all designed around high quality vintage jewellery from times gone by."

Jean's headdress

Jean's dream headdress for her own wedding in Sicily is an amazing pot pourri of vintage jewels that blend together beautifully to tell a very personal and romantic story. At first glance the headdress is a flowing garland of rhinestone flowers. These are accented by creamy pearls from her Mum's own wedding day.

Look closer and you'll see a little silver helicopter with blue rhinestones. An odd thing to have in a wedding headdress? Not at all! Jean's husband, Dave, is a professional helicopter pilot and former member of the Army's Blue Eagles Helicopter Display Team!

At the time Jean and Dave had three adorable cats - Morris, Harley and Flora. So to make sure that 'the kiddies' were there on the big day, Jean also incorporated a cute little vintage marcasite cat to represent them. Finally there's an exotic 1920s marcasite peacock to remind them both of a special event when they first met.

Bespoke vintage bridal headdress with helicopter and marcasite cat