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Vintage shirt and tie accessories

Silver, gold
and neutral cufflinks

Mother of Pearl vintage cufflinks
We searched high and low to find this lovely collection of vintage shirt and tie accessories, hand-picking each piece for its uniqueness, quality and charm. Just like pre-owned costume jewellery, vintage shirt and tie accessories inevitably show some signs of wear, but the pieces we've found here are all in great condition for their age and won't disappoint. All the cufflinks come in a handsome new vintage-style presentation box.

A bit more about vintage shirt and tie accessories

Tailored fashion is entering a new age of sartorialism, influenced by the well-dressed eras of the last century. Forgotten accessories are growing again in popularity, creating opportunities to add a touch of character to today’s tailored looks.

Collar bars

Collar bars first came into vogue in the early 1900s and faded in popularity a few decades later. But they're now enjoying a revival for the debonair! Collar bars pin through the points of the shirt collar, underneath the tie. They make the tie knot stand proudly and create an instantly stylish statement, especially with formal attire. A Double Windsor tie knot is recommended with collar bars.

Gary Barlow wears a collar bar Fred Astaire wears a collar bar

Chain link cufflinks

The chain link cufflink design emerged in the early 1900s but was largely superseded by chunkier T-bars from the 1950s onwards. Chain link cufflinks take a little more dexterity to put on but they're delicate and very comfortable to wear. The real bonus is that they give something attractive to look at on both sides of the cuff!

Chain link cuff links

Lapel pins

Design houses like Prada have put stylish lapel pins firmly on the great accessory list this season. Pins add depth and personality to an otherwise neutral outfit. They can be worn in many ways - to draw attention, to say something individual about you, or simply to secure a wayward scarf or cravat!

Lapel pins in Prada catwalk 2012

What is New Old Stock (NOS)?

New Old Stock described items that were manufactured long ago but that have never been used. They are probably not produced anymore, and the new old stock may represent the only remaining examples of a particular item. New Old Stock is sometimes also referred to as New Obsolete Stock to further identify items haven't been manufactured for many years.